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We are out in the field with you! 

to look less evil we have ways to be friendly with you! We call that Outreach!  

We work with scientist to stay on the cutting edge of development. Click here so you can see  some of our product line.

Have Questions about our technologies?  Robots, Plants GMO's etc... all see overwhelming!

Click here for our answers. 

Our Guiding Philosophy 

Sustainability is a journey that presents a constant but welcome challenge: how can we push ourselves to achieve even more? How do we feed a growing planet in a changing climate?

These are tough questions, and we must collaborate to find answers. We grow better together. That’s why we work with farmers, researchers, nonprofit organizations, universities, NGOs and other businesses to share expertise and ideas and collaborate on important sustainability efforts with our robot plant hybrids. 

PlantBot recently advanced important sustainability goals, and we will continue working hard to become a more sustainable company for our investor. We are committed to reporting under the Global Reporting Initiative and supporting the recently released United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We remain committed to the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, filing our communication progress and taking affirmative actions to address these critical areas.


I encourage you to learn more by reviewing our diverse approaches in reaching others with PlantBots and PollinatorBots, the solar-powered ArtLab, and the ongoing Moth Project.

Wendy DesChene + Jeff Schmuki 
Married Collaborative Board of Directors 

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