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Our Lead Team

As our company was founded within our own marriage and family, we hold those values dear to our hearts. PlantBot Genetics® is a sustainable agriculture company for all our children future. We deliver agricultural products that support farmers all around the world. We are focused on empowering farmers—large and small—to produce more from their land while conserving more of our world's natural resources such as water and energy while entertaining them. We do this with our leading PlantBot® seed brands in crops like corn, cotton, oilseeds and fruits and vegetables. We also produce leading in-the-seed trait technologies for farmers aimed at protecting their yield, supporting their on-farm efficiency and reducing their on-farm costs.  We strive to make our products available to farmers throughout the world by broadly licensing our seed and trait technologies to other companies. In addition to our seeds and traits business, we also manufacture Monsantra® branded racing plants used by farmers, consumers, and lawn-and-garden professionals. PlantBot Genetics® could not exist without farmers. They are our customers--the lifeblood of our company. More important, they are the support system of the world's economy, working day in and day out to feed, clothe and provide energy for our world. But as a Fortune 500 company, we have to pay some people way too much money to make us run. As proud members of the 1% here are some of our on the ground team, we have organic lunch with every day. 


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