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​The term spore derives from the ancient Greek word σπορά spora, meaning "seed, sowing. The chief difference between spores and seeds as dispersal units is that spores are unicellular, while seeds contain within them a multicellular gametophyte that produces a developing embryo, the multicellular sporophyte of the next generation. At PlantBot we wanted to use the ease that Spores travel the next generaton carrying Robot DNA and combine them with the elegance and hardy quality of seeds. We developed our own version of Spores that could carry our proprietary DNA to international lands and spread our products. Footage of Monsantra Spores landing on the Avalon coast of Newfoundland. The first settlers to Canada landed on this coast and also  introduced many of the invasive species. The  introduction of Monsantra Spores echoes  the 1700's.
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