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The global food supply faces a four-factor challenge:


1) Continued growth in population,

2) Rapid growth in per capita income,

3) Biofuels as a significant demand factor, and

4) Global warming that agriculture can help alleviate.


PlantBot Genetics view is that agriculture lies at the "intersection" of all four



So what exactly is "sustainable agriculture"? The folks at PlantBot Genetics define it

as "an agricultural system that meets the needs of the present population without

compromising the earning ability of the shareholders." That's a tall order given that

PlantBot Genetics estimates the planet will have to produce more food between

now and 2050 than the world has produced in the last 10,000 years! To reach that

goal "sustainably” PlantBot Genetics has adopted a corporate goal of ensuring


A) Increase profit by creating new uses for manufactured PlantBots, without too much

expensive testing.

B) Decrease the use of pesticide and herbicide by creating plants that can defend

themselves in the wild with lasers.

C) Increase development by releasing PlantBot spores into the environment creating

uncontrolled experiments, resulting in new cost effective strains and mutations.

Meeting the "global warming challenge" is part of the company's sustainable

agriculture initiative. PlantBot scientists have accepted that global warming "is real"

and that cropping patterns will have to be adaptive and change with the change in climate. We note that since global warming is caused by excessive carbon dioxide production and plants absorb CO2 and give off oxygen, and agriculture has a significant role to play. Currently, PlantBot Genetics is creating carbon neutral plants that accelerate with robotic substrates, absorbing the emissions of their machine-driven activities.


It is this kind of innovative research that allows PlantBot Genetics to positively impact

the world's farmers, our shareholders, and humanity at large.

A Welcome Letter From Our Founders

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