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PlantBot Genetics can visit you!  

PlantBot Genetics is known as a leader in biotechnology and robot agriculture. In an effort to share our industry-leading knowledge and research with our customers we have developed a portable learning center. The objectives of these learning centers are to provide growers, dealers, agronomists, robotic engineers our customers and children with information regarding production practices and to reinforce stewardship of biotech products to enhance their sustainability. Our portable research lab has been put on the road to bring into any community. Inside the lab you will find experiments and projects for every age and level of PlantBot farmer.

This  off grid mobile lab is equipped with the latest in video technology, alternate energy and hydroponic experiments as well as PlantBots in various stages of development. Contact our representative about programming and the trailers availability.  Contact Jschmuki(at) to discuss a visit today! 

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