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Triticum ingressus
Common New Wheat

Just in time for the transgenic food revolution, the patented Triticum ingressus or “Coming Out Wheat” is leading an all out campaign in the bioengineering battle for the soul of America and the world’s food supply. This new grain has zero natural competitors and even produces a bacterium that is nonselective in killing insects. Plantbot Genetics has further improved this new wheat variety to suit America’s appetite for processed food -- the germ and bran of this wheat is pre-bleached and free of vitamins and nutrients!  Wheat is the world’s chief whole grain, consumed by billions of people daily. It is time for our bread, pasta, noodles, and baked goods to incorporate Triticum ingressus. Soon conventional wheat in America will be supplanted allowing for increased sales and production of chemical suppressants, insecticides and fertilizers necessary for this crop. It is a good day when the traditional Staff of Life that has sustained our ancestors for generations becomes history and the new can proudly sing about what’s coming out!

Tritcale Tetraploid - Mini-Wheats
Common New Mini-Wheat

Genetically Modified Wheat

PlantBot Genetics is now testing  GM wheat in spite of prior failures to gain acceptance for the technology in the early part of the decade when international buyers threatened to boycott U.S. wheat, prompting U.S. wheat growers to reject the technology.  “In the face of record high wheat prices sparked by climate-related crop failures, we have launched GM wheat strains that are more drought resistant, and produce higher yields when paired with our chemical product line.”  says company co-founder Wendy DesChene.

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